Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome to Southern Comfort by SarahChristina

Hello Friend, What picture develops in your mind when you hear the words: layoffs ... mergers ... and ... downsizing? Are you concerned you'll fall victim to one of them? Or has it already happened to you? Being vulnerable to things you can't control seems to be a way of life for too many people these days. A job ... like the future ... is promised to no one. Retirement is usually early. There are no more gold watches. A pension is something you can never actually survive on. And the future of Social Security will always be debated, but never resolved. So where does that leave you? Are you looking for safety? Are you looking for an income that increases year after year? Do you want more financial freedom and more time freedom? Maybe it's time to be your own boss. Start your own business. Scary thought? Maybe. But keep reading. It gets better. I searched diligently to find the perfect business ... one I couldn't wait to get working on every morning and one that gave me that financial freedom and time freedom I hungered for. Well I found it. And now I'm building that perfect business. In the process, I discovered the three most powerful words in the English language ... "Yes I Can" Honestly I didn't understand the power in those words before I started my business. But work is now fun. So is making money. Two great reasons to love this business. Now how about you? Is "Yes I Can" a part of your vocabulary? If I gave you all the tools you need and all the instruction you need and all the support you need, could you say ... "Yes I Can ... Succeed In My Own Business" Funny thing is my "customers" don't think of me as a businessperson or a salesperson. They treat me more like a trusted advisor ... one more reason I love this business. Now my purpose today and the days ahead is to help you get what you want. I invite you to start by learning a little bit about me, and to utilize some of the first class educational resources available by following the action steps on this page. Then, decide if you are ready to say the three most powerful words:
"Yes I Can ... Succeed In My Own Business!"
Learn More About Me If I could only share one thing with you about me it would be Freedom, isn't that what we all desire for ourself and our families? My name is SarahChristina. I have been a Caregiver for over 25 years to family, friends, and clients in need of in-home private care. Truthfully, I did not embark on this journey voluntarily. When my father became very ill in 1984 I became his Primary Caregiver. A priviledge, a responsibility, and a heartbreak all in one tidy package. We gave him full nursing care in our home for six years. When he passed away I thought I would never be able to do that again. Yet, that is all I have done. Finally, when I became a burned out, mid-life, half dead, self-neglected, Caregiver going down for the third time I determined it was time to turn the tide and raise the bar for millions who feel as I did. Thus, my mission is to provide freedom to Caregivers through education, life enhancing products, services, and activities to strengthen and empower them to face the task at hand. Aside from that I'm attempting a demolition and reconstruction Wellness Makeover of my total self! The specific stress that accompanies Caregiving can rob one of their health, lead to depression, and a loss of self. Yes, Identity Loss. When you hit that stage, you truly don't think you will ever find your way back to who you were or wanted to be. Thus I have spent almost two years attending every meeting, seminar, and forum in search of knowledge to enlighten struggling Caregivers. I was floored away by how much information I have harvested. I left no visible stone unturned in my effort to rise from a pile of ashes and bring comfort to millions of lost and grieving Caregivers. Due to high levels of burnout many Professional Caregivers would like to enjoy a change of careers. Well, I have partnered with several very high quality companies that offer wonderful opportunies for those who would like to make such a change. I have chosen Mr. Tip Top Bop to do the training! His name is Tim Sales. The best thing about having my own business is I choose when I go to work and for how long. This did not happen over night and was supported by a cast of thousands. We all have dreams and one of my foremost is to see Professional Caregivers who dare to dream of having another life realize that dream. A life that is based on a proactive wellness approach to health care. Rather than disease management I want to see Caregivers assist one another in creating Prevention of Burnout and Wellness Makeover Programs. People cannot recovery from what they cannot identify. Education is the key and I will let the experts speak. My goal is to light the fire and enjoy seeing Professional Caregivers collectively carry the torch around the world, offering enlightenment, refreshment, and good health to all. For me, it all started when over five years ago I began my journey towards creating my own business. The mentoring I have recieved during those years is beyond scope. My mentors have come from all walks of life. I consider Tim Sales among one of the foremost. He is a family man with high values. His trainings are clear, concise, transparent, based on the truth, and 20 years of experience. Not happy to just sit back and enjoy his wealth, it is his passion to continue to make other people's lives better. With his training, my efforts to toss the life preserver to other drowning Caregivers is now a reality. If it is your desire to help me Care for Those Who Care for Others please contact me. There is alot more work to do. I have given it my all but now I need a team of mules to help me lead the charge as I wish to share the fruits of my labors. I have no doubt in my heart of the response I will recieve to this invitation because Caregivers.....Truly Care. Please follow the prompts below for Tim's presentation Now, I'd like to invite you to click here to watch an 11 minute movie that changed my life. I think it will have an impact on you too.